Neal J. Barber, President
93 Bobwhite Lane
Locust Hill, VA 23092
Cell 804.761.0186
Phone 804.758.0640

Neal J. Barber, President


Neal Barber has devoted his entire professional career to improving the conditions of Virginia’s communities with a particular emphasis on distressed areas. Prior to forming his own company, Community Futures he served was under contract with the Town of West Point’s Economic Development Authority. Prior to that Neal was the Director of Virginia’s First Cities Coalition and he also served as the Director of the Urban Partnership. These organizations are devoted to improving the conditions in older core central cities. As Director of the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development, Neal tackled the difficult problems of revitalizing distressed rural and urban areas with the objective of building economically balanced communities. Neal has worked to enact and implement many of the State’s redevelopment programs, Enterprise Zones, Regional Competitiveness Act, Main Street Program, Housing Partnership Fund, etc. Neal’s professional responsibilities have ranged from project management to strategic planning to legislative lobbying to regulatory compliance. Neal’s greatest accomplishments have been in helping communities and organizations achieve their vision.

Neal Barber

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