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Community Futures Services


Community Development

  • Successful Communities Model: This unique model developed by Community Futures builds upon the 7 characteristics of successful communities that have been identified by leading scholars and community development professionals in the United States. These 7 factors are:
    • Thinking and Acting Strategically
    • Continually Develop Leaders
    • Use Resources Wisely
    • Honor the Past
    • Have a Strong Sense of Place
    • Organize for Action
    • Emphasize Quality in all aspects of Business and Community Life
  • Community Assessment: Community Futures offers a process that allows communities to assess their position on each of the 7 factors. Community Futures can also provide assistance in developing a tailored plan for improving each factor.
    • Thinking and Acting Strategically – A tailored process for development of a strategic plan with a set of implementation strategies.
    • Continually Develop Leaders – The design of a leadership development program tailored to your individual community.
      • Use Resources Wisely
      • Analysis of existing public and private resources that can be directed towards strategic community projects.
      • Identification of strategic capital improvement projects with the potential sources of funding for those projects.
      • Managing strategic projects during their development and implementation stages.
    • Honoring the Past – Design and implement events and celebrations honoring historical events or individuals.
    • Organize for Action – Analysis of the organizational structure for implementing the strategic plan and action agenda.
    • Exhibit Quality in All Aspects of Private and Community Life – Establishing a “Brand” that reflects the community vision and an implementation plan that carries the “brand” into all aspects of community of community life.
    • Having a Strong Sense of Place – Implementation of a process for the understanding how geography and location have shaped the community over time and how these factors will continue to influence the community in the future.

Economic Development

  • Comprehensive Economic Development Program Assessment – Conduct of a comprehensive assessment of the economic development program based upon the community goals for economic development.
    • Strategic Plan Development and Implementation – Implementation of a process to establish a board-based strategic economic development plan and series of actions steps implement the vision of the plan.
    • Product Analysis – Assessment of the viability and marketability of the local “product” available for economic development:
      • Industrial Sites
      • Building Inventory
      • Commercial Sites
      • Tourism Venues
    • Organizational Assessment – Assessment of the organizational structure, “Team”, that is in place to implement an aggressive economic development program.
    • Marketing Plan Preparation – Development of a marketing plan that will implement the localities economic development objectives.
    • Incubator Assessment/Assistance – Feasibility assessment of an incubator’s success in a community. Operational review of an incubator with recommendations for improvement.
    • Downtown/Main Street Development – Downtown and commercial area redevelopment plan preparation utilizing the four proven principles of the Main Street Program, Organization, Design, Promotion and Economic Restructure.
    • Existing Industry Program Development – Design and implementation of an existing industry call and development program to foster the expansion of the existing industry base.
    • Small and Micro Business Development – Design and implementation of a program to foster new business creation and small business development.
    • Tourism Assessment - Conduct of a comprehensive assessment of the tourism program based upon the community goals for economic development with recommendations for strengthening the tourism sector.
    • Retirement/Second Home Development – Analysis of the potential for retirement and second home development as an economic engine for the community with specific recommendations for expansion of this sector.

Housing and Redevelopment

  • Housing Policy Review and Development – Analysis of the availability of affordable housing options within a community and the development of public policy options that would expand the selection of affordable housing.
  • Neighborhood Plan Development/Implementation – The development of neighborhood specific redevelopment plans based upon a fifth generation, Private-Public, redevelopment model. The neighborhood plans would include:
    • Neighborhood Assessment
    • Physical Plan Development
    • Financing Plan
    • Plan Sequencing and Implementation
    • Marketing Plan

Management Assistance

  • Organization Strategic Plan – Implementation of a process to develop an internal strategic plan for the operations of community and economic development organizations.
  • Marketing Plan – The development of a marketing or communications plan for a specific economic or community development organization.

Environmental Stewardship

  • Conservation Subdivision Design – Design of conservation subdivisions on specific parcels of land for the land development community.
  • Conservation Subdivision Ordinance Development – Preparation of subdivision and Zoning ordinance amendments to encourage conservation subdivisions.
  • Sustainable Community Plan – Preparation of a sustainable development plan for community based on the “Pathways” process of integrating community, environment and economic issues.
  • Conservation Easement Assistance – Assistance to landowners and local governments on the processes and benefits of conservation easements of conserving key natural areas of a community.